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Payment Description
EFT/ EDI is the process of sending child support payments electronically through the ACH (Automated Clearing House) network. At this web site you can:
1. Verify your employees’ identifying information prior to having another entity (e.g., payroll company, IT department) create and transmit an EFT/ EDI file to your bank.
2. Verify your employees’ identifying information and create an EFT/ EDI file to transmit to your bank.
Simply follow these steps:
1. Register an account at this web site if you are a new user or log in with your user ID and password.
2. Download and complete the Employer Reconciliation Sheet
3. Upload the completed sheet so the information can be verified.
4. If you choose to have your EFT/ EDI file created by another entity: Provide the State’s bank account information to that entity.
  If you choose to have your EFT/ EDI file created by this web site: Provide your payment information and create an EFT/ EDI file on this web site to securely transmit to your bank. Please contact your bank to determine their process for secure transmission of EFT/ EDI files.

Note: Although both CCD+ and CTX file formats can be generated using this web site, CTX format is recommended as it is typically more cost effective and allows for complete remittance information to be transmitted in the file as opposed to the limited addenda records of the CCD+ format.
  The amount you authorize will be deducted from your bank account and the payment information will be sent to the Connecticut Centralized Child Support Processing Center (CCSPC).

 Please read our Terms and Conditions and our CCSPC Web Accessibility Policy.